A Chinese farm in Jordan
A Chinese immigrant works on a farm in Jordan, November 2013. (Elizabeth Whitman)
Chinese farmers in Jordan
Leftovers from a dinner shared by a farm crew of Chinese immigrants and local Jordanians, in Jordan, November 2013. (Elizabeth Whitman)
Abu Ali
Abu Ali, who sorts through trash for sellable items, goes through a dumpster in Amman, Jordan. (Elizabeth Whitman)
Syrian refugees in the Jordan Valley
Young Syrian children, who live in tents in the Jordan Valley, in January 2014. (Elizabeth Whitman)
Cooped up
A Syrian boy watches TV in his family’s apartment in the Jordan Valley, June 2014. (Elizabeth Whitman)
Children play soccer in Za’atari refugee camp in northern Jordan. (Elizabeth Whitman)
Playing with a stethoscope
A young Syrian girl plays with a stethoscope at a clinic in Ajloun, Jordan, January 2014. (Elizabeth Whitman)
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