Guide to Recycling in Jordan

Recycling appears nonexistent in Jordan, at least in the developed-country sense of the practice, save for at select locations. But unconventional recycling is alive and well, and it’s easy for residents to contribute to and even facilitate the process by separating trash before tossing it into dumpsters. Continue reading


8 Things You’ll Want to Know About Amman


Some of the crispiest and most flavorful falafel you’ll ever eat comes from Abu Jbara, near Second Circle.

1 – The best falafel is found not at Hashem but at Abu Jbara (not the chain) off of Second Circle, behind the Belle Vue hotel. Their crispy little nuggets contain even more spice and flavor than Hashem’s, and they serve equally tasty hummus, mutabbal, and the like. What’s a bit odd is that if you sit indoors, you have to buy the falafel yourself from the shop next door, whereas if you sit outside, sometimes servers will bring it to you. It is worth the minor hassle, though.

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