A selection of my recent work…

Wildfire Dispatch from an Oregon Farm, The Counter, September 13, 2020

Banner Nurses, Docs on COVID-19 Frontlines Say They’re ‘Treated As Expendable’, Phoenix New Times, March 28, 2020

74-Year-Old Phoenix Woman Became Homeless After $50 Rent Increase, Phoenix New Times, September 19, 2019

A Land Without Water: The Scramble to Stop Jordan From Running Dry, Nature, September 4, 2019

Fire and Rain: Together, Monsoons and Wildfires Can Ruin Arizona’s Water Supply, Phoenix New Times, August 1, 2019

On 107-Degree Day, APS Cut Power to Stephanie Pullman’s Home. She Didn’t Live, Phoenix New Times, June 13, 2019

Oil and Water: Olive farmers confront climate change in the West Bank, Harper’s (online), March 27, 2019

Banking on Drought: Private Companies See Profits in Southwest Water Shortages, Phoenix New Times, February 28, 2019

…and a few older pieces, too:

Invincible Bacteria in the Middle East, The Atlantic (online), 2014

As Jordanian Women Leave the Home, Sexual Harassment Reaches Unprecedented LevelsThe Nation, 2014

Jordan’s Invisible Refugee CrisisThe Nation, 2013

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