I’m a staff writer at Phoenix New Times, the weekly paper of the Valley of the Sun, where I cover news and write features. My stories usually focus on water, climate change, and the environment, although sometimes they tackle issues in other areas, like prisons, politics, and public health.

My work has been published by Nature, The NationHarper’s, The Atlantic, Al Jazeera English, and others. I’ve reported from Jordan, where I lived for two years, as well as from Israel, Maine, South Carolina, New York, and of course, Arizona.

When I’m not reporting and writing, I am most likely hiking or climbing (or sleeping on) a mountain somewhere, or curled up in bed with a good book. I speak decent Levantine Arabic and half-decent Mandarin Chinese. Hopefully soon, I’ll graduate from Spanish 101.

Get in touch! elizabeth.w.whitman@gmail.com.

Roosevelt Dam on Arizona’s Salt River.
Photo by Elizabeth Whitman